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The future doesn't just happen.

In some cases you read the signals and are prepared for what is coming, because you know that your existence, your growth, and your sustainability are dependent on your ability to think ahead.  Ideally you have scoped out and put in place measures to help you survive and thrive. 


In some instances the information and process can be overwhelming - Which trends are worth watching? Which data is correct? Whose voice is worth listening to? What is relevant? What is the correct terminology? How does one begin?

At Refined Advisory we work with our clients and partners to sift through the information in order to craft strategies and actionable plans. Our expertise covers a broad range of topics, and our network enables us to tap into some of the sharpest thinkers and global trends, to enable us to deliver context-relevant solutions.

Strategic Planning

Creating Shared Value

Reporting & Strategy

Resource Mobilization


Stakeholder Engagement

Gender Analysis

Corporate Social Investment

Organizational Strengthening & Transitions

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